Exterior Painting One Coat

Power Washing


Power washing is another one of the key steps we take to prepare your home for the painting process. All homes have a layer of dirt, mildew and dust that can only be removed by shooting 2,000 to 3,000 psi of water at the surface. We use TSP-treated water which helps kill the mold and mildew that accumulates on the outside surfaces of homes. It is crucial to begin with a clean and properly prepared surface, not only for the paint to adhere, but we at Crest Painting believe in maintaining higher standards.


Scraping And Minor Wood Repair


All loose paint must be removed after our power washing process to ensure a smooth, tight surface for the application of primer. We completely remove all peeling, bubbled or loose paint by hand using putty knives and wire brushes. All loose boards will be nailed down and most other minor repairs will be handled by one of our skilled professionals.


Spot Priming


Before proceeding, we take it a step further and spot prime any bare wood areas with an exterior primer. The primer penetrates the wood to provide a seamless bonding surface. Metal surfaces, water stains, rust and new carpentry will also be primed to ensure an overall even application of paint.




We caulk all seams, joints, cracks, nail holes and all major wood joints with a 40 year rated poly seam seal caulk. All windows and entrances are carefully caulked to properly seal your home from weather and insects. Caulking also helps to reduce air flow around windows and entrances, which will in turn lower your energy costs.


Finish Coat


Finally, we will use a high quality premium paint to finish the job of painting your home’s exterior.


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